Saturday, January 16, 2010

Communist Spies at Google China?

Have fun and read this amusing version of the Google predicament story.  Clicking on the Chinese link results in a message "only the author can read this post." Predictably though, a Google search with the Chinese title "google事件真相(ZT)" finds copies on the internet. This time, the copies I saw were on a few Taiwan-based sites.

Did a CCP mole among's Chinese employees caused the whole crisis? It sounds plausible. I was almost convinced when I read the English translation last night. However reading the Chinese version today I saw the term "tg" (="土共") in it, and that tells me the post was written by a Taiwanese. A mainland Chinese almost certainly would not use such a term, no matter how strongly he opposes the CCP. This probably also explains why copies of the post have appeared on Taiwan-based websites so far.

In any case, the author could be a good fiction writer. It is an intriging story. To have the original post disappear is also a good way to whet the readers' appitite.


Anonymous said...

TG 现在是网络流行语,是昵称。

Xujun said...


Peter Garner said...

I am starting a rather pithy blog on China from an Englishman's point of view and I think I have an angle on this craziness and it has nothing to do with 'timing' on Google's side and a lot more to do with the revenge of the hardliners in the CCP. The first entry is titled 'But are they (the US) really aware of what's just happened inside the CCP?'. You probably get the gist. I am not an expert on the country, clearly, but I know the surrounding countries well enough. I feel I am aware of the power lines and the motivations within the elite CCP. It is only a point of view. By the way, this is a fantastic blog, thank you : )

Xujun said...

Thanks, Peter. Look forward to reading your pithy blog.