Friday, June 6, 2008

A Conversation on

You can probably call Peking Duck one of the China blog tycoons, together with Danwei, ESWN, and China Law Blog. If backlinks are of any measure for their popularities, here are the statistics:

Danwei - Age: 6 years 6 months; Backlinks: 5290
ESWN - Age: 8 years 4 months; Backlinks: 4,530
Peking Duck - Age: 4 years 10 months; Backlinks: 4,540
China Law Blog - Age: 2 years 4 months; Backlinks: 3,900

I'm having a conversation about Apologies Forthcoming with Lisa, an e-friend, on Peking Duck today . Because of the blog's large readership and outspoken, sometimes nasty, commenters, I expect interesting and contentious responses there.


Linda Austin said...

"We need to do more than judge, we need to understand." I wholeheartedly agree that we ought to try to see all the complexities of major issues as there just is no "black and white." Japan in WWII is one of those complex issues that also creates violent discussions I try to avoid!

Xujun said...

Hi Linda,

I hear you, and I understand. Please let me know if you'd like to discuss about Japan in WWII.

Linda Austin said...

Well, I think that would open a giant can of worms that might take over your blog! Your June 10 post brings up that interesting point of what makes people behave the way they do. I do believe in the "wolf-pack" mentality as well as that political/military leaders can easily sway the masses, even in a country as free as the U.S.