Thursday, June 12, 2008

"A Sichuan Family and Tibet’s Future"

A friend alerted me to this interesting article on the NY Times website. The friend has an indirect connection with the author, and I heard that it was not easy getting the article published, despite the author's credential. It seems anything from a Chinese perspective is a lot harder to get in than the opposite views. Still I applaud the NY Times for eventually getting it out. Balanced reporting is important for a renowned paper like NY Times.

The comments below the article are also very interesting to read as a whole.


Anonymous said...

I agree primarily with the 2nd and 9th posters to that NYTimes article.

Although I cringe whenever I think of that stupid statement made by Sharon Stone(who should stick to acting rather than pontificate upon ANYTHING political), the oppression of ANY people by a government is still oppression, no matter how sweetly the subject is talked about or how well-worded an article might be.

Xujun said...

Thanks for the comment, Lance. Looks like we are all biased readers. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great article by Profesor Yan San. The Tibetan issue is far more complex and nuanced than what most Westerners realize.

There is an interesting discussion now taking place about the Tibetan issue in response to a review of a book that is mostly about Beijing's flourishing gay scene, over on the China Book reviews blog ( Judging from the discussion, it seems as though more and more people are now starting to open themselves up to the Chinese perspective.


Xujun said...

Paul, thanks for the link. An interesting discussion indeed! I'll add the site to my blogroll.