Monday, March 21, 2011

Glass Magazine Interviews Writers

Glass, a handsome quarterly published in UK, interviews several international writers in their spring issue.  In an article titled "Women Hold Up Half the Sky," the journalist, Samantha Kuok Leese, says about my writing:
Contemporary author Xujun Eberlein is a native of Chongqing, one of China's major south-western cities, who moved to the United States in 1988. Her first book, Apologies Forthcoming, won the 2007 Tartts Fiction Award and established her as one of the most refreshing new voices in Chinese women's writing.
            The collection of eight stories is a moving remembrance of the Cultural Revolution at an individual level, through which Eberlein gives voices to a variety of characters in a range of times and settings. The book's subtitle is pointedly Stories not about Mao. (Note: this refers to the Hong Kong edition – Xujun) Her time outside China encouraged her to present the historical calamity of the Cultural Revolution in small but deeply absorbing episodes.
            "Having lived in two countries of political opposites, I am no longer easily excited by “-ist” labels, be it Communist, capitalist, imperialist, or terrorist. I have learned there are people’s faces behind all those “-ists,” with human commonalities and differences, human weaknesses and biases.  I've seen similarities in national and international politics and propaganda, and the information disparity that exists on both sides of the earth. 
"It is easy for people in each country to see the other in a rather abstract and presumptive manner, instead of as fully fleshed fellow human beings.  My intention was thus to return to the basics of human nature, to portray the characters as realistically human as I could."
There's more about my writing in the article, which also talks about another writer I admire, Xu Xi.  Other writers you will read in this issue are Junot Díaz, Isabel Allende, Russell Hoban, and Liz Calder.  Though the content is not available from their website, you will probably be able to find the magazine on newsstands and in large bookstores. See more information below.

Here's the Glass newsletter that arrived in my inbox:


Dreams are the driving force of the world. Progress, development and hope are all made possible by the existence of these notions, whether it be to propel artistic freedoms, push scientific frontiers or simply make the world a better place. Glass was also conceived as a dream, to inform, challenge and inspire and we proudly celebrate one year since our dream was realised. In the past four issues we have had the privilege of speaking to some of the greatest creative, scientific and humanitarian names of our time. From Alber Elbaz and Karl Lagerfeld to Maggie Cheung and Shigeru Ban, from Charlotte Rampling to Médecins Sans Frontiéres, Renzo Piano to UNICEF. We thought it fitting therefore, to dedicate this anniversary issue to the beauty of the dream. As such we have strived to collaborate with some of the most inspirational names, whose dreams have led them to become pioneers and progenitors in thought and deed.

We begin by exploring an artform which has inspired and nurtured minds of millions, of all ages and cultures, that of literature. We speak to some of its finest contemporary exponents; Junot Díaz, Isabel Allende, Russell Hoban, Liz Calder and two of China's pioneering female writers; Xu Xi and Xujun Eberlein, who each offer an unparalleled insight into their craft. Rarely does an institution change the way we see the world but the Magnum Photos co-operative has done just that. Four of Magnum's finest photographers talk us through the stunning, sometimes fearless, but always remarkably human photographs that have captivated for the last half century. In celebration of originality at its best Glass speaks with inimitable designer  Yohji Yamamoto and bastions of luxury Louis Vuitton prove their admirable and surprising eco green credentials in an exclusive interview. In a Glass first we photograph the best of the women's international collections across two continents. Photographer Trunk Xu shoots part one in Beijing, with Paul Scala picking up the baton in London. Neil Kirk captures the best of the men's Spring collections in his ever timeless fashion and Gregoire Vieille creates a story of sorcery for the most iconic men's watches.

In muse we speak to art's latest provocateur,
Toby Ziegler, on the literal art of recycling, China's most prolific female artist Yin Xiuzhen offers her thoughts on our increasingly globalised yet isolated society, and erudite legend Lois Dodd tells of life as a fledgling artist competing against the all-powerful Abstract Expressionists in 1950s New York. Art photographer Nadav Kander talks us through his stunning Yangtze River series and the legendary Peter Sculthorpe, considered the last great composer, reveals the life behind his esteemed repertoire.

Architectural protagonist
Daniel Liebskind guides us through the atypical inspirations informing his revolutionary work and the world's leading expert on dreams challenges our understanding of consciousness. Living legend Sir Patrick Moore unravels the secrets of the universe and UNICEF director, David Bull, explains why we must never give up on a child's most basic dreams. Inspiration enough, we hope, to encourage and stir your own dreams and with any luck, to pursue them.

Thank you to everyone that has supported Glass.

Glass Issue 5 will be in stores from March 16th
Distributed to newsstands by Comag including Selfridges & Harrods

Additional placements include premium locations such as the Mandarin Oriental Hotels, St Regis Hotels, all VIP lounges in London Heathrow, Gatwick, Hong Kong International Airport, Paris CDG & Eurostar, Milan Linate & Malpensa, Shanghai & Beijing IA, JFK & LAX
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Chihiro said...

Hello, I just found your blog, by complete accident, looking for pictures of Gao Xiaohua, and I know know I'll be spending hours reading all (or almost all) the posts you've written. I'm very interested in Chinese culture and Chinese literature (literature in general, actually), I'm editor of the Polish literary online magazine and try to write short stories as well. After sawing the trailer to your collection of stories I immediately bought it on Amazon and looking forward to reading it.
Your blog is amazing and I'm really happy I found it :)
I have a question for you - do you know of any good album with contemporary Chinese paintings? Could you recommend anything?
Take care and keep up the good work,

Xujun Eberlein said...

Welcome, Chihiro. I'm traveling in Asia right now. I might not be the best person to recommend contemporary Chinese paintings, but I can ask my artists friends in China. Will get back to you on that.

Chihiro said...

Thank you very much. Enjoy your travels and take care!

Xujun Eberlein said...

Chihiro, sorry about the late reply. I'm in China right now
and having trouble accessing my blog. I've asked a few artist friends; they recommend the following names (all for oil painting). You can see
their works online following the embedded links:

冷军 (Leng Jun)
曾樊志 (Zeng Fanzhi)
刘小冬 (Liu Xiaodong)
张晓刚 (Zhang Xiaogang)