Friday, June 19, 2009

A Very Moving Review in Asia Times

A surprise brought to me by Google alert –

Poignant tales of the Cultural Revolution
Apologies Forthcoming by Xujun Eberlein

Reviewed by Kent Ewing

HONG KONG - First, let us pause and lament all of the vast, untapped talent that tragically goes to waste every hour of every day around the globe. And make that a long, deep and profound pause because the waste, as any observant traveler knows, is truly colossal.

Once you are finished contemplating this immense desert of aspiration and aptitude, however, remember to give some small thanks to those who manage to spot and bring to light at least a modicum of what otherwise would have been lost - and I am not referring to drawn-out cultural carnivals such as American Idol or any of its many offshoots outside the United States. Continue to read >>

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alfaeco said...

"Look what you did to our country!" the father shouts at the former Red Guard, Liu Huagu. "You destroyed everything, you Red Guards. History will never forgive you."

But Liu returns fire: "So who taught us to destroy the Old World? Who taught us to hate the class enemies? Who taught us to be worthy successors of the revolutionary cause? You, you old cadres! The Party!"

That is poignant indeed!