Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Most Accomplished American President

By Weigeng Shi, guest blogger

It is Bush 43. His biggest accomplishments include (this is by no means a complete list):

  • Liberating American privacy;
  • Making possible the election of the first black president in US history (even if that hadn't happened it would have been the first woman president);
  • Bringing Florida, where the 2000 election was decided, five of its biggest hurricanes;
  • Reinvigorating the word "depression," which had fallen out of use since WWII;
  • Starting a war from scratch (he is the first modern American president to do so);
  • Getting bipartisan support to nationalize banks (he is also single-handedly doing the same for the auto industry);
  • Growing executive power enough to prevent serious legislative checks;
  • Eradicating crime in New Orleans, even though temporarily;
  • Successfully dismantling the Republican Party;
  • Bestowing the control of both the House and the Senate to the Democrats.


Magnus said...

China inside and out. your byline: Literary and Cultural Blog... so what does this have anything to do with China, Chinese culture, Literature or whatever. Please keep it ON TOPIC. Thanks.

Xujun Eberlein said...

That's a nice thing about living in a free country. Welcome to my blog. If you have something funny to say about the Democrats, I'll be happy to post it as well. And, in case you didn't notice the byline, this post is written by a Chinese. Anything about or written by Chinese is pertinent to my blog's topic.

Jerry Waxler said...

Oh, Xujun, it's my worst fear. A crabby comment about the purpose of my blog. Being a public person takes more courage than it first appears. Oh, here is an interesting observation about the connection between your stated tag line and your post about Bush. After reading your writing about Mao and the Cultural Revolution I can see the intimate connection between the affairs of the state and the affairs of each individual in the state. And vice versa. We all have a responsibility to promote the sanity of the common good. I think they call it "common weal" in old English. So thanks for bringing your wisdom about collective sanity and sharing it with us.

Xujun Eberlein said...

Good observation. Thanks, Jerry. You know, I've always wondered why some people feel entitled to dictate my blog topics or my position.

Magnus said...

no dictating going on. Just didn't fully understand the nature of your blog posts. Apparently this is a blog about everything BY Chinese writers... consider an "ABOUT" button near the top of the blog so that readers can understand right away. I'll continue reading because now I understand what this site is all about. Plus you've got an interesting discussion going on now...