Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sushidog's Review

I'm very moved that someone who lives as far away as Tokyo has read Apologies Forthcoming. Thank you, Sushidog!

By the way - this is not a big deal - I've never been a tech writer, though several reviewers have assumed that. My previous career was in algorithm development. It seems the misunderstanding was stemmed from a line in my bio, "I gave up tech for writing," which could easily be read as "I gave up tech writing." For clarification I've just changed that line to "I gave up algorithms for writing."


Matthew said...

That's a nice review. Coincidentally, I was almost a technical writer before choosing to work in China instead (I made the right decision).

Also, I should mention, my wife has been granted a visa to the US and we'll probably move in August. There's a chance we may end up in the Boston area.

Xujun Eberlein said...

Matthew, if you decide to settle in the Boston area, could you please let me know? We can throw you a welcome party, especially for your wife! I still remember how difficult it was for me when I newly moved here with Bob, without Chinese friends.

nobooksnolife said...

Hi from "the blogger formerly known as 'sushidog' and now named 'NoBooksNoLife'"--Thank you for your compliment and for attention to details.

I appreciate your insights into books on China and life in China...please keep up the great posts.