Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics Opening Ceremony Torrents

In recent days, many readers have been looking for a replay of the opening ceremony. Now you can have it. Thanks to Paul Armstrong-Taylor in Shanghai, who uploaded a zip file of torrents and sent me the following link:


The zip file contains three torrents: the Chinese CCTV coverage of the opening ceremony, the BBC coverage, and an interesting Chinese documentary called 筑梦2008 from the "Film Bureau State Administration of Radio, Film and TV" (国家广播电 影电视总局) on different aspects to the buildup to the games (Chinese women gymnasts, Bird's Nest security team, etc).

Paul says the BBC coverage "is pretty good (and the sound / picture quality is better in my view). For those looking for an English language version which is not cut, has no commercial breaks and sensible commentary it might be a good choice (at least better than NBC)."

Click the link above and then "Request Download Ticket" to download the torrent(s) of your choice. A word of caution: the two torrents for the opening ceremony are pretty big and will take a long time to download – so consider doing it overnight.

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