Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympics Opening Ceremony Live Broadcast

Like many Chinese who live here, I'm deeply disappointed that the US media does not broadcast the Olympics opening ceremony live. Not being a sports lover, the opening and closing ceremonies are what I'm most interested in. I just don't understand why NBC can't broadcast it live then replay it during prime time.

A few days ago, a smart guy named qiaka, who apparently has been watching China's sports programs for quite some time, posted a set of methods to see live broadcast on-line. The number one recommended method is using TV Ants. I installed TV Ants two days ago and it worked fine. However when I tried to watch CCTV5 this morning, there was no signal. Fortunately CCTV1 is still working, but the signal is very halting, perhaps from too many people trying to watch.

Despite all the problems, I'm watching the opening ceremony right now at 9 am EST. The performance is simply amazing. Because of the poor signal, I will have to watch it again tonight for a more satisfactory effect, but the glimpses of the live show I am getting are quite something.

Added: apparently many readers of NY Times shared my frustration with NBC - see comments under "Live-Blogging the Opening Ceremony."


Aaron Gardiner said...


A big win for the Games and the government.

I think the footsteps across the city was the highlight - but I am Beijing chauvinist!

I am going to watch it again this afternoon. The Australian TV station kept interrupting with car ads every few minutes - really annoying and counterproductive.

Best fireworks, ever.

Aaron Gardiner

Xujun Eberlein said...

Good to hear from you, Aaron, and glad you enjoyed the opening ceremony!

Sandra said...

I am still holding my breath!! Live or not, that was the most beautiful opening I have ever seen but with 9 hours span over the USA, there would have been no one home to see the opening in many regions. I live in Wisconsin, USA, but I felt so close to the heart of China through that amazing work of history and art and wished that I could have been sitting right in the middle of those 91,000 people to feel the spirit of the moment.

BIG KUDOS to Zhang Yimou, all the co-managers, dancers, drummers, masters and teams. It was an out of this world performance.

I am so glad that most of the world leaders smartened up and supported China and that the foolishness of a boycott never became a reality or the whole world, me included would have been deprived of that beautiful and exceptional work.

All I can do after that is pray that China resolve all her problems and that the people come to know many, many more beautiful and enlightening victories like that.

Xujun Eberlein said...

Thank you, Sandra!

Linda Austin said...

Well, I did think about all the money being spent on the ceremony, but it sure was impressive despite my HD TV signal acting up. And I loved the commercial about the dragon heating up the swimming pool water!

Xujun Eberlein said...

Hi everyone,

I just deleted a comment. This is the first time I deleted a comment on this blog. You are welcome to speak out your opinion, but please do not insult people who hold different views from you. You can attack me if you like, but not other visitors. Be polite if you can.