Thursday, July 31, 2008

Korean TV Exposes Olympics Opening Ceremony Rehearsal

China's official online media reported yesterday that Korea's SBS TV station prematurely exposed scenes from the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony rehearsal, and the video clip, 2 minutes 9 seconds in length, is now circulating on the internet (note: I haven't seen it). The report says Chinese netizens who saw it marveled at the splendid performance, but were also angered by the unacceptable early exposure. How scenes of the rehearsal, which was under strict security, were divulged is still unknown. Read the Chinese report here.


Anonymous said...

invite reporters to the rehearsal armed with cameras, don't tell them to not take pictures - so they go ahead a take a few shots. Why did they invite reporters to the rehearsal at all? A similar thing happened a couple of weeks ago when QQ News published a series of still pictures of the ceremony on their website but within a few hours the pictures disappeared. This time they can't make them disappear.

Xujun said...

According to, the rehearsal organizer did broadcast the rule that filming/photographing was not allowed. On the other hand, the Korean TV denied any violation of rules.