Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Friend Alicia Gifford's Erotic Courtyard and Story

I figured if Susie Bright could publish Alicia's story "Surviving Darwin" in Best American Erotica 2008, I couldn't go too far wrong posting an analogous view of her gorgeous courtyard. The pictures themselves are more exotic than erotic, but I couldn't resist the title. :-)Actually, like the courtyard, "Surviving Darwin" doesn't exactly belong to the erotic genre. It is a much more complex personality story. The female narrator isn't your usual sympathetic character, and doesn't do much to make the reader sympathetic. Still, the protagonist and her brief redemption are treated so masterfully, I was completely drawn in. Alicia wields a poised pen with words flowing from an intelligent and nimble mind. As another writer friend puts it, "I wish I could write that well!"

My question for the reader: Would you like a story with a dislikable main character? Why or why not?

So, bring a cup of coffee, sit in Alicia's spring courtyard, enjoy the company of Jim the handsome dog, and get lost in "Surviving Darwin."


Donna said...

Wow, a lovely courtyard and an even more amazing story! The narrator of "Surviving Darwin" evokes such complex reactions--she's funny, sad, heartless, lost, and ultimately has the strength to do the right thing when it would be so easy to glide along in being bad. If a reader is honest with him/herself, she is someone we can all relate to intimately. Kudos to Susie for publishing such intelligent, multi-faceted interpretations of the erotic spirit! And more kudos to Alicia for such a FABULOUS story.

Jonesy said...

The seditious monstrosities who domieer the lumpenproletariat will one day pay the price for thier wickedness. The proles will rise and overthrow the oppressive regimes. Then, a new world order will rise...


Anonymous said...

Hi Xujun, I love these pix, this garden and now I'm going to go read that story and get back to you re: unlikeable narrators. Alicia's a wicked good story writer!

Kathy Fish

Xujun said...

Donna and Kathy, thanks for reading and commenting. Donna, well said about "Surviving Darwin"!

Maryanne Stahl said...

Alicia is amazing--all around. how her garden fits her! wow! I want to be in California. I want to be in Alicia's garden!

She's also, of course, an enviably talented writer of uncommon honesty.

thanks for this, xujun!

happy mother's day!