Friday, August 31, 2012

Humor: China's Six Great Inventions

(A friend forwarded me the following joke – even though we all know humor is lost in translation, it is still tempting to try this one.)

The board of xiangqi
Chinese chess
[in translation]

  1. Chinese chess (Xiangqi): emblem of Chinese politics – everything is about protecting the commander in chief.
  2. Mahjong:  emblem of the Chinese national – scheme against each other, only one's own success matters.
  3. Go (Weiqi): emblem of Chinese thinking – either black or white.
  4. Land Battle Chess: emblem of Chinese officialdom – one rank higher crushes you to death.
  5. Acrobatics: emblem of China's current situation – all the flip-flops only to maintain stability.
  6. Kung Fu: emblem of China's military – a frightening posture, without ever having defeated anyone.




gregory said...

both china and america are sharing something at the moment ... dissatisfaction with how things are ..

yes, it's eternal ... "but this time it's different" could turn out to be a very accurate statement, if radical social change happens in both of those countries in the next few years

Jo said...

I love Chinese humor!

Anonymous said...

Well, I hardly think that these shortcomings are "typically Chinese", but rather inherent in the human condition as such. As much as I like the self-deprecation in Chinese humour, it can often take a darker side revealing envy, self-loathing, and deep insecurities (as well as a galling parochialism).

Zhaomin Yang said...

Very funny.