Friday, August 6, 2010

Literature and the Cultural Revolution

Remembrance (<记忆>) is a Chinese e-journal devoted to the Cultural Revolution research.  Its latest issue (54) is titled “Literature and the Cultural Revolution,” which contains interviews with three Chinese authors (including me), and reviews of their works.  I’ve posted this issue (in Chinese) on my website to share with interested readers.

The first two authors interviewed have novels you won’t normally find in China’s bookstores,  but you may be able to read excerpts on the internet . The novels are:
  • Traces of History by Tian Jianmo  (<史迹>, 田建模)
  • Lonely Curse  by  Xin Cunzhe  ( <孤独的咒语>, 行村哲)
The reviews of the above novels are very interesting to read (though I might not necessarily agree with everything they say).  One of them, Mu Ting’s “Random Thoughts about Writing on the Subject of the Cultural Revolution” (穆汀: “文革题材创作随感”) , contains comments on Yu Hua’s Brothers and Yan Lianke’s Serve the People.  I’m translating the first part of the review below:

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