Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Do You Know about Edinburgh?

I'll be heading to Edinburgh for a writing conference titled "China Inside Out." (I know, the resemblance between the conference's title and my blog's is curious, but I believe this is just a coincidence, with a slight possibility that they copied me. :))

The Chinese name for Edinburgh, 爱丁堡, always rouses the picture of an ancient castle, European style.  I've never been in Edinburgh before and I'm excited for this opportunity, not the least because "in October 2004 Edinburgh became the very first UNESCO City of Literature."

The conference, held in the University of Edinburgh from March 11-13, is "a celebration of Chinese Women Writers in English." Participants include:
  • Writer and academic: Professor Shu-mei Shih, Dr Judith Misrahi Barack, Dr Margaret Hillenbrand
  • Poet and fiction writer: Wang Ping
  • Fiction writers: Xujun Eberlein, Liu Hong, Chiew-Siah Tei,
  • Critics: Professor LuMing Mao. Dr Amy Lai
  • Scottish writers: Lesley Glaister, Dilys Rose, A C Clarke, Dr Bashabi Fraser
  • Convenor of the Women's Committee of Scottish PEN: Faith Pullin
  • President of Scottish PEN and writer: Jenni Calder 


Matthew said...

Edinburgh is a great city--I had a few fun days there when I studied in London. I seem to recall a decent Scottish writers museum. If you have time, take a few days to tour around the highlands.

There was also a pub that had the most amusing condom dispenser I've ever seen. "Scotch Whiskey flavoured condoms. Warning: Do not use whilst driving."

amy said...

haha,thanks for making the conference such a fun & inspiring time!!

Pete said...

Hope it went well! Did you have time to see some of the place?

Xujun said...

Hi Matt, Amy, and Pete, I'm still in Glasgow right now. Will write you after I return home Thursday.

Matthew said...

Did you understand anything that was said in Glasgow? I met a guy from there while I was in Edinburgh and had no idea what he was saying.

Xujun said...

The accent was indeed hard to understand. I often had to ask twice in conversation. But I have a friend who lives there who was a tremendous help.