Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Finding Iris Chang"

Has anyone read this book by Paula Kamen? My attention was called to it by the author interview that set off objections from Iris Chang’s parents and some friends. Read the interview and comments here.


Maryanne said...

fascinating--and terribly sad,

jessica lipnack said...

So I don't know the book but I did run into the author a couple of years ago. I stopped by Newtonville Books, as I do about every five minutes, and there was a woman asking where to go for a meal. I gave some advice and then it turned out that she was giving a reading that night at the bookstore. She was Paula Kamen, the author of this book. The book she was reading from: All In My Head: An Epic Quest to Cure an Unrelenting, Totally Unreasonable, and Only Slightly Enlightening Headache.