Friday, January 15, 2010

Han Han: "Now I Know Why Can't be Number One"

Excerpted from Han Han's latest blog post "I'm only exploring" at
另外,有很多的朋友问我关于谷歌要退出中国有什么感想。在谷歌图书馆扫描中国作家作品一事的时候,就有记者问我,GOOGLE未经你的同意,扫描了你的书放在网上供人免费看,说大不了赔你60美 金完事,问我怎么看。我说,如果他真这么干了,那就能解释为什么他的中国市场份额做不到第一了。回到家一上网我才弄明白,原来只是扫描了我的书一个目录而 已。于是,我才明白为什么他的市场份额做不到第一了,搞他的人太多了。其实,无论谷歌是真退出假退出,我都表示非常的理解,我唯独不能理解的是,有个网站 的调查,有7成的网民表示,不支持谷歌对中国政府提出的要求对审查结果不设置屏蔽审查的要求。在看一些政府官网的投票结果的时候,你经常觉得自己为什么永远是在民意的对立面上,看久了甚至觉得自己是个90后,怎么从来都是非主流。其实这些网站才是急需屏蔽的。我能够容忍把黑的说成是灰的,把白的说成是米的,但决不容忍颠倒黑白。


[in translation]
Also, many friends asked about my thoughts on's withdrawal from China. When the incident of Google library scanning Chinese writers' works occurred, a reporter had asked me, "Without your agreement Google scanned your book to be read freely online, and they said at most they'd pay you $60 in compensation. What do you think of that?" I said, if that's really what they did, it would explain why their China market share can't be number one. But after I returned home and got on the internet, I found out only my book's Table of Content had been scanned. Now I understood why's market share can't be number one – too many people are trying to screw it. Actually, whether really withdraws or pretends to, I very much understand. The only thing that I can't understand is a poll on a website that shows 70% netizens voted to "not support's request for no government censorship." When reading some polls on government official websites, you often feel yourself on the opposite side of the public opinion; after a while you even wonder, as if you are a post-90, how come you are always non-mainstream. Actually those government websites are the ones that should be blocked. I can tolerate someone saying black is grey, or white is rice-color, but I can never tolerate anyone confounding black and white.

If Google leaves China, some Chinese writers ought to feel hurt the most. Of course, this is not because Chinese writers represent society's conscience and progressive force, they never care about speech restrictions, even if the Cultural Department blocks more than half of Chinese characters, those writers will still be capable of using the rest of the characters to sing praises. The thing that hurts them is, "If I knew you were going to run away, I should have pocketed your $60 offer then." I believe this would be the first digital copyrights income for most Chinese writers. "We only wanted $40 more."

(Update 1/16: just saw that China Hush has translated the entire post one day after.)


Carlis said...

Please be advised that "看久了甚至觉得自己是个90后,怎么从来都是非主流“ could be translated as "after a while you even wonder, under the delusion that you are a post-90, how come you are always non-mainstream."

Xujun said...

Good advice. Thanks.