Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Packing for China and Celebrating Inauguration

In between packing, I watched the inauguration on TV. It was the first time I had paid attention to such an event during my 20 years of living in America. The huge crowd, reportedly two million people standing in the cold on Capital Hill, inopportunely reminded me of the millions of Red Guards received by Chairman Mao, on Tiananmen Square during the Cultural Revolution, in the summer of 1966. The sheer size of the assemblage alone can carry anyone away. I'm glad I was sitting in the comfort of my home, distant and calm.

There was a small glitch during Obama's oath; he suddenly paused, apparently perplexed by something, and John Roberts hurriedly repeated his words with an apologetic smile. It passed quickly, but not before I (and apparently someone else as well) took notice. Given Obama's excellent performance during the campaign, I didn't believe he would be too nervous to not do the oath well. "I think his mind is on his speech," Bob said. Not until much later was the incident finally explained here.

And Obama really is a great speaker. Now lets wait and see if he is also a great doer. As his 10-year-old daughter Malia advised him, “Better be good.” I really loved those cute kids of his.

Though an extremely exciting day in DC, on Wall Street there was another miserable slide. The market went down big. Perhaps all the optimistic people went to witness the inauguration, leaving only pessimistic ones to trade in the stock market.

But I will be away from all this for a while. I'm heading to China, for the Spring Festival and for more research on my next book. I'll be gone for one month or so. Not sure how easy it will be to post on my blog – last time when I was in China the entire Blogger.com was blocked. I might send pieces to someone else to post for me. Stay tuned.

Happy "Bull" Year everyone! See you later.

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