Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What Will Happen to the Olympic Flame in San Francisco

A friend suggested me to report the "spontaneous reaction from oversea Chinese in San Francisco." She pointed me to a post on a popular American Chinese website, mitbbs.org. The post, titled "April 9th, Flags Flapping, Sacred Flame Glows in San Francisco," is time-stamped 15:09:25 today:

----------------------------------[in translation]

Yesterday afternoon, I got some of the flags made by volunteers.

The flags are small, only 8"x10", and the poles are two feet long. A phoenix fire ball on the white background is especially eye-catching. Volunteers in San Francisco made the flags through the night by their hot blood.

I held several tens of the little flags, feeling like a general on a Beijing Opera stage. Wouldn't tomorrow's San Francisco be like a battlefield without gun smoke?

This evening I watched TV news. Once again the Western media disgusted me. In Paris, the violent protesters kept attacking the Olympic torchbearers. They even attacked a handicapped female athlete on wheelchair! …Yet the media is still burnishing up the image of those ugly terrorists.

Friends, give up delusion! Wherever you are, whatever dialect you speak, come to San Francisco, shout with us in the cold wind by the seaside, and let our voice spread! We Chinese have been silent for too long…


Below the post are comments from about 80 supporters. The continuing support has kept the post on top of the page.

On a related note, this morning a CNN news alert titled "Protesters warming up as Olympic flame arrives in U.S." hit my inbox at 10:53 am. (The title has been changed at the time of this writing.)

The agitated voices from both sides are really worrying me. I heard from the AP that IOC was considering ceasing the relay. I think that will be good for everyone. Here's to hoping that IOC will do one thing right and carry through with the idea!

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