Friday, March 21, 2008

Tibet: A Balanced View Is Called for

by Xujun Eberlein

Getting a clear picture of what is happening in Tibet is no easy task. Bias is evident in both the Chinese and Western media coverage. A number of interested and thoughtful bloggers, however, have managed to paint a plausible picture, from which one does get important on-the-scene observations that help spotlight what's going on. Continue to read>>


randomaccess said...

Chinese have open season on Tibetans year round. They don't have to wait for protests.

This youtube video shows the Chinese army taking potshots and killing three Tibetans trying to cross to India. Why are they not allowed to leave?

And you want "balance"?

Xujun Eberlein said...

That is indeed terrible, though my writing isn't about border crossing. If you are asking for my opinion, I don't think they should shoot anyone crossing borders. However they do that to everyone, not just Tibetans.