Sunday, March 23, 2008

Taiwan Election Photos

A friend of mine, a Hong Kong poet, took the following photos during Taiwan's presidential election the past week. Yesterday, 57-year-old Ma Ying-jeou of the Nationalist Party won 58 percent of the vote. A CNN report says Ma "endured an often nasty campaign by [Frank] Hsieh, a former premier who got 41 percent of the vote." Hsieh was the candidate from the Democratic Progressive Party.

The presidential campaign focused on relations with China. Ma, the president-elect, has plans to improve Taiwan's relationship with Beijing.

Below: March 22, 7:30pm, after losing the election, Frank Hsieh and his campaign team bow to their supporters giving thanks and apologies

Above: Evening of March 20, a Frank Hsieh rally in Kaohsiung City. The slogans read "Save democracy" and "Long live Taiwan people"

Above: March 21, Ma Ying-jeou's supporters march to a rally.

Above: Evening of March 22, live-show of the election results on a TV at the Nationalist Party's headquarter.

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