Friday, February 8, 2008

Too Many Parents for Little Anna Mae He

After eight years of court fights between an American family and a Chinese family, the dust has finally settled – or so we thought. I have been following the case on Chinese websites all these years, but rarely have I seen any English reports, until now. As 9-year-old Anna Mae He is leaving for China with her birth parents, suddenly the mainstream English media is paying great attention to this settled case.

ABC's 20/20 channel will air the story tonight. You can also read the story on their website here. The report is quite neutral and does not reflect the intense heat generated during the eight year legal battle, still you can feel some heat in the readers comments. When it's in English, Chinese readers rarely post – of course not many Americans posted on Chinese websites either. In either language, the comments show divided views. If you read the posts in both languages, however, a huge cultural difference becomes obvious: the Chinese consider family ties a higher value than material well-being, therefore even those who reproach the He's for their initial mistakes support the Chinese family's reunion.

Read the ABC report here.


bevjackson said...

oh, I hate these situations. Did anybody ask the poor kid?

Xujun Eberlein said...

It surely is a difficult situation for everyone involved....