Monday, December 10, 2007

Darby Larson Finds Fiction in Video Games

The discussion on flash fiction (see post below) sparked an interesting comment from Darby Larson:

How do you relate flash fiction to video games?
What a fascinating question. I think there is a relation to a very specific kind of surreal fiction (I don't think it relates to *flash* per se) if you dismiss the fact that video games are the way they are in order to account for interactivity. I've always thought of video games as a way of looking at a plot through very surreal goggles. Death doesn't mean the same thing, carries no emotional impact. The rules of death are very specific and odd. You can be hurt a specific number of times and then you lose one of a specific number of lives (?), then when those lives are finished you can restart history over again. The only motive is progression. Progression for the sake of progression. There's a wonderful moment in an old Family Guy episode where there's a distinct cross-over from real to video-game-surreal when everyone learns the rules of death no longer apply and suddenly our human tendencies to be violent take over and everyone shoots everyone. There's a fascinating place somewhere in the midst of that crossover where a very particular kind of surreal fiction rests.

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